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Bob Bodrug
Languages Offered: English

Bob brings a wealth of consulting and management experience to Transition Resources Group Inc. His successful consulting career includes experience in senior roles with global firms in the career transition industry on both the corporate client and service delivery sides of the business.
He has held senior roles in marketing and administration within the manufacturing, retail, and packaged goods industries and as a Chief Executive Officer. Bob was a founding partner of The Brock Consulting Group which providing a broad range of consulting and management services to a growing list of corporate clients in the Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton, Brantford, and Niagara regions. Prior to establishing Brock, he was responsible as Vice President for the successful growth and development of the Hamilton office of a major international firm of outplacement consultants.
Bob is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan, where he earned degrees in Economics and Business Administration.
In his work with Transition Resources Group Inc., Bob provides reemployment assistance and consulting services to departing employees, as well as other career management and organizational consulting services offered by the firm.