The level of thinking that got you to where you are now will not get you to where you dream of being. - Albert Einstein

Development & Coaching

It is our belief that the most effective leadership and management development addresses real issues as they occur within organizational context. This is the essential advantage of managerial and leadership coaching. Enhancing the leadership and management capabilities within an organization is the focus of our coaching practice. Individuals at all stages of career development can benefit including:

  • individual embarking upon their first supervisory, managerial or executive role
  • executives facing significant organizational change and realignment
  • managers and executives joining a new organization
  • individuals seeking to enhance their managerial and leadership effectiveness
  • individuals changing roles and functions within an organization

When engaged in a coaching relationship our approach is holistic, honours the client, and endeavours to offer complementary perspectives to address their coaching topic. Each individual with whom we work will experience an integral and personalized approach. Each individual’s situation is unique; each path their own. We recognize this reality and engage each person uniquely.

Our coaching methodology is the Integral Coaching® model, as developed by Integral Coaching Canada, which is rooted in Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory. It is a systematic approach to change, bringing about change, and pursuing change that is whole and complete. Integral Coaching® provides the Integral map for the discipline of Professional Coaching. It includes behaviourism and ontology, systems approaches, and the unique dyad phenomena associated with a relationship between a coach and client. It includes subjective understanding and objective, measurable results.

We complement the methodology with selected personality assessment instruments. 


Case Studies

  • Coached a Human Resources professional to enhance her influence within a management team by exploring her understanding of her role and re-defining it.
  • Engaged as 'Executive Coach in Residence' with a financial institution to provide practical leadership and management coaching to members of the executive team.
  • Coached an Information Technology executive in the building of a strategic vision and implementation plan for the IT department with a financial institution that recognized changing technology, societal trends, internal dynamics, and the expanding mandate of the organization.