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Roberta Logan
Languages Offered: English

What our clients say about working with Roberta Logan...

Roberta was very dedicated to the preparation of my resume.
I really appreciate the resume we developed.
Roberta has a lot of integrity and she is an incredible person with whom to work.
Roberta was very attentive and ensured that I had the perfect resume.
Roberta provided personalized help and always responded to my questions in a timely manner. Her overall support was excellent.
Roberta was extremely focused on helping all of us succeed in our next career.
Roberta provided me with the tools and the understanding to pinpoint my competencies relevant to my next career move.
Roberta helped with interview preparation for interviews practices and constructing effective correspondence to potential employers.
I am happy to say that the revamped résumé that Roberta and I worked on coupled with the interview tips and suggestions were very helpful in both of the interviews that resulted in a job offer.
I enjoyed the experience of having a Roberta as my career coach. I learned a lot about the job search process and I am more confident interviewing.
Roberta helped me put together a GREAT resume! I know that it will get me interviews. Her networking advice and TRG’s Target Market Connector have uncovered viable opportunities.
This experience has been life changing and I don't think I could have landed such amazing offers without Roberta’s help.
Roberta provided me with excellent support for my career transition. With her sincere help, I have significantly increased my job seeking capabilities and I am on the right track for my future career.
Roberta helped me build a resume that is a very powerful tool in my employment search.
I don't think I would have had the same success without TRG's guidance!
Roberta Logan is the Senior Job Resource Consultant at Transition Resources Group Inc. and she has 12 years experience working in the career transition sector.
Roberta joined Transition Resources Group Inc in 2012 with a mandate to conduct job development campaigns, network and grow business relationships with the hiring community, deliver career transition workshops and provide one-on-one coaching sessions to her candidates.
Roberta is recognized as an expert in networking, building and leveraging business relationships, marketing the skills of her transitioning clients, facilitating workshops and delivering personalized coaching sessions. 
Roberta worked for Right Management from 2000-2010 and conducted on-going job development campaigns, facilitated career transition workshops, and provided individualized coaching sessions to her candidates. She has strong ties with the business community and ran frequent events to create opportunities for her clients to connect with employers.
She also provided customized research services to both executive and non-executive transitioning clients from a variety of industries including Telecommunications, Automotive, Insurance, Non-Profit, Financial Services, Federal Government, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, and many other sectors. 
Roberta researched and wrote 40 weekly Canadian career advice columns (in capacity of guest writer) for Saskatchewan readers of CanWest Global’s on-line career publication from January to December 2006. 
Roberta also worked for 2 years at Mainstream Access Corporation (a career transition firm).  While there she conducted on-going job development campaigns and facilitated career fairs for her downsized clients.
In addition she has over 15 years experience working in the telecommunications industry. 
Roberta earned her BA and HBA in English Literature from the University of Western Ontario and Carleton University respectively where she acquired both degrees as a part-time evening student.
She has also completed the Birkman First Look certification requirements in 2010.