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Career Planning & Transition Support

What our clients appreciated most about our career planning and transition services...

TRG helped me get through a very difficult experience with a high level of expertise, support, and caring.
TRG provides a great support system all round and I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking to make a change.
The fact that my consultant was readily available and very quick to reply to any of my needs.
I can't say enough about how my consultant helped to bring back my confidence.
I became more self confident, more focused on the career I wanted, and I was able to target the appropriate companies that would meet my needs
The personalized help and my consultant who always responded to my questions in a timely manner. The overall support was excellent.
Feedback and counselling on interviews.
My consultant was very involved and ready to answer any of my questions and providing me advice while respecting my personal goals and limits.
The ability of my consultant to provide me with reassurance based on his experience.
The professional approach and how quickly things began to fall into place, the resume, the interviews and the job offer.
The personalized help and that my consultant always responded to my questions in a timely manner. the overall support was excellent.
Personal, tailored and responsive service.
Learning how to market myself.
Individualized coaching.
The depth of knowledge of my consultant.
The attitude and knowledge of my consultant.
Knowing someone was there and I did not have to do it alone.
The personal attention, experience, and direct approach of my consultant.
Personal, tailored, and responsive service.
The personal, friendly and honest feedback received during our sessions on all employment related matters - from interview preparation to practice runs for meetings with potential employers.
Their knowledge and experience was very useful in identifying who to see and where to go. They could empathize with the issues I was experiencing and had relevant advice and direction to share.
That I was not alone, and that my consultant will be available to me when I need the help in the future. Many of my colleagues shared what they learned from TRG, which was a bonus.
My consultant was very professional and experienced - it was easy to deal with him and he was a great coach for practicing job search skills.
The quantity of available resources and the time spent with my consultant dealing with my fears and concerns.
The positive reinforcement and can do attitude.
They made me think about things that had not occurred to me and they were very honest with their feedback.

We facilitate the identification and selection of career choices that are meaningful, enriching, and productive for our candidates within an organizational context that supports their values and interests.

We do this by offering a broad range of career planning and transition services within methodological frameworks that can be adapted to each individual’s requirements.

Career Planning 

This practice area assists interested individuals to conduct a purposeful review of their career progress to date and explore potential career path options and examine developmental opportunities. With the use of proven assessment tools and an appreciative review of past accomplishments appropriate career paths are identified and explored.
Career Transition
This practice area is dedicated to assisting individuals who have lost their jobs, for whatever reason, effectively and purposefully transition to a new opportunity that matches their skills and abilities, career interests, and personal aspirations within a context consistent with their values.
With the changing face of the world of work these new opportunities could include:
  • Re-employment
  • Retirement
  • Self-employment
  • Return to formal education and/or training 

Case Studies


  • Provided individualized and practical career transition services to several hundred people that has been considered to be either effective or very effective by 98% of respondents to a 'Client Experience Evaluation' questionnaire
  • In consultation with a technology corporate client, planned and implemented a nation-wide workforce restructuring event impacting 8% of the employee population, provided on-site notification day support, and delivered ongoing individualized career transition services
  • Planned and implemented a workforce restructuring event impacting 15% of the employee population within an educational organization and provided ongoing career transition services
  • Planned and implemented a workforce restructuring event with a public sector agency and provided ongoing career transition services to impacted employees
  • Organized and managed a career center that provided individualized and practical career transition services to 150 employees of a bio-fuels company that had reduced its work force by approximately 60%.
  • Provided individualized and practical career transition services to several hundred people that is grounded in integral theory and utilizes appreciative inquiry