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Jeff Singer
Languages Offered: English

What our clients say about working with Jeff Singer...

Jeff was a terrific resource and sounding board. He showed empathy and was very skillful in his approach. I always came away with new insights and a good feeling.
Jeff's understanding and help throughout the process was invaluable.
It was very important for me to have an objective resource on whom I could depend during this very difficult time (although at the time, I didn't realize that).
Jeff went off the clock and kept coaching after the official deadline.
Jeff genuinely cared about my future success. I gave him a great reference to my former employer and I believe this will not be the last time they will be retaining his services.
Jeff has the ability to help you maintain a positive outlook during a troublesome time.
It was easy to talk to Jeff.
I found Jeff to be very personable and a good listener.
Jeff was fantastic. He understood where I was coming from and where I wanted to go.
Jeff really took the time to answer OUR questions and not just get through the material. Jeff has a great personality that encourages excellence from everyone.
Jeff helped me become aware of the techniques and personalities of interviewers in order to shape the delivery of my success stories to match.
Jeff increased my self confidence, encouraged me to focus on my career objective, and provided me the tools to create a more effective resume.
Jeff was good at listening and really understanding my career and personal objectives.
Jeff helped me to clarify my values and expectations from employment.
Jeff shared relevant books and resources with me.
Jeff had a wonderful way of making me feel comfortable right from the very first day, something greatly appreciated considering this was a high stress situation for me. KUDOS!
Jeff challenged me to reflect more and dig deep to learn more about myself in the workplace.
Jeff listened actively and tried to ensure that I narrow my focus while helping to build self-confidence when it was most needed.
Jeff was available at a moments notice and rescheduled his appointments to accommodate my interviews. Jeff seemed to genuinely care about my future success.
Jeff provided stressed the importance of accessing the “informal” job market, and ways of doing so (e.g. information meetings, connections, etc.)
Jeff helped me to stay focused and positive by examining my career achievements and building on demonstrated skills to create a powerful resume.
Jeff made me really think about who I am and what I have to offer an employer.
Jeff was helpful in developing a strategic focus to my job search by targeting on high potential organizations rather than taking a shotgun approach.
Jeff was able to help me get in touch with my true work aspirations and how I can leverage my years of knowledge and experience to attract the right opportunity for me.
Jeff let me explore a wide range of possible career directions I was considering and provided support to investigate them effectively.
Jeff kept me focused on an objective for each week so that I persisted in the job of finding a job without getting discouraged and overly distracted by other things.
Jeff raised my level of awareness of the importance and effectiveness of networking when you are looking for a new career opportunity.
Jeff provided guidance on improving the flow, look and feel, and content of my resume.
Jeff provided very effective critiques of my resume and inspired good techniques for approaching job interviews.
With Jeff as my consultant, I became more self confident, more focused on the career I wanted, and I was able to target the appropriate companies that would meet my needs.
With Jeff as my consultant, I became more self confident, more focused on the career I wanted, and I was able to target the appropriate companies that would meet my needs.
Jeff was always punctual and focused for our meetings/discussions.
Jeff went off the clock and kept coaching after the official deadline.
Jeff provided me with assistance developing and maintaining resiliency.
Jeff was a terrific resource and sounding board. He showed empathy and was very skillful in his approach. I always came away with new insights and a good feeling.

Jeff is founder and President of Transition Resources Group Inc. He is a creative and strategic management consulting executive with collaborative leadership skills. He possesses more than 25 years of progressively more senior human resources and management consulting leadership roles. He has operated within the private and public sectors during periods of significant expansion, downsizing, realignment, merger and privatization. His consulting practice focuses on human systems interventions in the areas of:
  • Strategic team alignment and change management
  • Leadership assessment, development and coaching
  • Career planning and transition
Jeff works in partnership with his clients to co-create, plan, and implement large scale systems interventions, participative planning frameworks, and organizational restructuring. Drawing upon expertise with open systems, human relations and group development theories, Jeff incorporates such approaches and methodologies as open space technology, appreciative inquiry, search conference, facilitated dialogue, and learning communities in the design of system interventions. A representative list of his relevant accomplishments follows.
As a management consultant:
  • Designed and facilitated a system wide participative planning framework focused on creating and implementing a new performance management system for a public sector organization
  • Designed and facilitated a team relationship building intervention with a business ownership/executive group
  • Planned and implemented a workforce restructuring event impacting 15% of the employee population within an educational organization and provided ongoing career transition services
  • Designed and facilitated a system wide strategic planning event with a new and growing federal agency
  • Designed and facilitated a learning community series with a management team of an information technology company focused on leadership
  • Designed and conducted a management assessment centre for the selection of internal candidates to a leadership role in a technology company
  • Designed and facilitated a system wide intervention intended to address a significant breach of trust
  • Designed and facilitated a system wide intervention with a national organization focused on operationalizing 9 strategic imperatives and building relationships within the system
  • Planned and implemented a workforce restructuring event with a public sector agency and provided ongoing career transition services to impacted employees
  • Designed and facilitated a learning community series with a public sector IT management team focused on improving team member relationships and creating a cohesive management team that projects an image of solidarity, cohesiveness, and technical credibility
  • Designed and facilitated a ‘search conference’ with the leadership team of a private company focussed on determining its vision for the future and the strategies and action plans to achieve that future
As a human resources executive:
  • Developed and implemented the severance plan for the termination of 300 employees world wide without interruption to the business
  • Developed and implemented a comprehensive corporate wide merit pay salary administration program which was competitive and consistent with the company’s values, goals and objectives and ensured for equity
  • Successfully launched an employee share ownership plan which resulting in $1.43M invested by over 65% of the employee population
  • Implemented innovative wellness programs through the development and implementation of a Corporate Health Plan which has been used by Health & Welfare Canada as the model for other companies
  • Improved labourmanagement relations in a post strike environment which reduced the volume of grievance by 50% and the length of time to resolve them by 33%
  • Developed and implemented the severance and career transition services plan which was held as a model to the other divisions for the closure of the head office and one manufacturing plant involving the termination of 200 employees and conducted without interruption to the business or receipt of wrongful dismissal claims
  • Eliminated high departmental turnover in Human Resources by re-organizing functional responsibilities of staff that emphasized customer service and utilized their strengths and interests
  • Successfully negotiated more than 100 collective agreements without work stoppage and within monetary mandate
Jeff holds a Master of Arts from Concordia University, Faculty of Applied Human Sciences, which focused on human systems interventions. He is also a graduate from Carleton University in Ottawa with a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) and a Bachelor of Arts. Jeff is qualified in the Integral Coaching® model which is rooted in Integral Theory as developed by Ken Wilber. This model provides a systematic approach to bringing about and pursuing personal change that is whole and complete. Jeff is a Certified Human Resources Professional (C.H.R.P.) with the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA).
Prior to forming Transition Resources Group Inc. Jeff lead the Ottawa practice of a global career transition and organizational consulting firm.
Under his leadership as Managing Principal the office:
  • Met or exceeded all financial and operational metrics each fiscal year; grew career transition market share to 70% in 5 years and increased billings by over 100%
  • Planned, delivered and managed the provision of career transition services to the largest and most protracted international restructuring events in corporate history
  • Inspired innovations in career transition delivery and management that became organizational standards
  • Created and operationalized innovative programs for career transition clients with unique challenges
Jeff has been employed in the private sector with such companies as Gandalf Technologies Inc. and Bristol-Myers Squibb, among others. In the public sector he worked with Nordion International Inc. during its transition from Crown Corporation to the private sector.
Jeff has been active in the "not for profit" sector as a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, the United Way of Ottawa-Carleton, member of the Board of Directors of the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa-Carleton, and various minor sports associations. He has been a Project Advisor for the Executive Certificate on Strategic Human Resources Leadership with Professional Programs, Sprott School of Business, Carleton University. Jeff also volunteers as a mentor to Human Resources professionals with Mentoring Program of the Human Resources Professionals Association, Ottawa Chapter.