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Dan Mason
Languages Offered: English

Daniel M. Mason is a lifelong learner and long-time professional educator specializing in the area of leadership assessment, training, selection and appraisal, an area to which he has devoted over twenty years of his professional life. His work in this area has always been characterized by innovative approaches to data gathering and analysis of performance and potential to reflect a range of individual styles and to enhance objectivity.

Dan develops client focused and fully developed in-basket exercises that align with the challenges and problems typically encountered by a client’s leaders and managers. Either as a stand-alone data source or as complementary tool, Dan can administer a generic 360-degree feedback tool or design a customized tool to suit criteria of interest to his clients. Additionally, Dan can design case studies that reflect his client’s culture and operations.

As a former teacher, high school principal and superintendent in the Carleton and later Ottawa-Carleton District School Board in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (enrollment 75,000), he was instrumental in changing significantly the methods used to select, train and appraise staff at all levels but most particularly at the levels of vice-principals and principals.

In addition to the work within his former district, Dan has also been a full-time visiting professor in the Faculty of Education of the University of Ottawa, a part-time instructor in the School of Human Resource Management at Algonquin College in Ottawa and an adjunct professor in the Faculty of Education at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He has worked in New York, Iowa, South Carolina, Texas, Arizona and Minnesota as well as British Columbia and Ontario. Internationally he set up the first principal training program for the Department of Education in the Free State of South Africa and has been a featured speaker at educational conferences in China and Japan.

Dan holds five degrees from Carleton University, the University of Ottawa and Queen's University and has additional training from the University of Toronto, California State University (Fullerton) and UCLA. He has just been accepted into a Master's program at the University of Nebraska (Kearney) studying pre-Civil War American history and hopes eventually to complete a second doctorate in the field upon graduation at a university in the American South sometime in the future.